Thursday, September 25, 2014


akak, your words inspiring me,

I don't like all this hijab-shaming on social media, because it doesnt just affect one or two people, its affects the whole Muslim community.
That's why it is extremely important for sisters and brothers to advise other sisters in the kindest way possible when you see them dressed like this.
 Hijab-shaming won't do anyone any good. It will only lead to debate and fighting. Its easier to talk to them face to face, or leave them a private message, find a way to inspire or touch their hearts. 
The most effective da'wah is one that comes sincerely from the heart. I understand everyone is at different stages in their hijab journey. 
Personally i'm still struggling with mine as well. But that shouldn't be a reason to alter our deen to fit our lifestyle. 
As Muslims, we should show our sisters good manners and be kind, InsyaAllah they will be easily touched and encouraged to improve themselves not only through their dressing, but also from the inside. 
We live in a society, and what other sisters do and wear should be our concern. There's no such thing as 'kubur masing2, biarlah dia nak buat apa'. Amar ma'ruf nahi munkar. 

 by : Aishah amin

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